Lightning Protection

Although lightning certainly is a beautiful sight to behold from afar, when it strikes close to home it is often more frightening than anything else, and with good reason. For instance, the average lightning bolt boasts a staggering 100 million volts all concentrated to a single point, and the average current in the UK from a lightning strike is around 30kA, but can be upwards of 50kA to 200kA! The damage a bolt of lightning can cause is immense, and so it is of the utmost importance that you take appropriate steps to protect your premises.

For that, you’ll need Guardian Lightning Protection Ltd, a market leader in premier lightning protection and electrical earthing provider. From our head office in Nottingham, we serve blue-chip and smaller, independent clients alike, throughout the UK and Ireland. No one is better placed than us to assess the risks to your premises and provide the means to protect your property from the effects of lightning and electrical surges.

Not only can we design and install your lightning protection systems to current British Standards (BS EN62305 1-4:2011), but we can test and maintain your installation too. All of our work is completed to the highest industry standards, such as BS EN ISO 9001, and our team is fully accredited so that we are able to deliver the highest quality assurance.

Lightning Protection Design

At Guardian, we take our profession seriously. As such, all our team are fully accredited to current BS EN62305 1-4:2011 standards and offer a complete service covering lightning protection risk assessment, design and technical consultation to ensure that your project receives the most cost-effective mitigation salutation available.

Our expertise extends to cover all aspects of design and build, evaluation, and modification of existing installations, non-British Standard systems (such as Early Streamer Emission systems) and churches (in accordance with the recommendations of the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group).

We will individually assess the risk posed to your project and offer an appropriate solution by way of issuing a competitive quotation, accompanied by a complete technical specification. If you believe that you may require assistance, then simply contact our experienced and friendly team today – we’re more than happy to answer all enquiries.