Earth Testing & Inspection

Adequate and properly maintained earthing systems are a crucial aspect of any premises. Earthing systems protect your business from the harmful risks of electrical surges, be it from lightning strikes or any other cause, but the success of your system is dependent on the electrodes in the earth and soil resistance, something most people aren’t familiar with.

Fortunately, Guardian Lightning Protection Ltd are on hand to help. We are specialist earth resistance testers, utilising professional equipment to assess the conductivity of the soil around your premises. This done, we can then recommend appropriate lightning protection and earthing system equipment to ensure your premises is safe from the dangers of electrical surges.

Our team are fully qualified and have 40 years of experience working to protect a range of commercial properties from lightning, including offices, schools, churches and much more. Operating throughout the UK and Ireland from our head office in Nottingham, our professional services are available across the nation.

To find out how we can help you, simply contact us today – our friendly team are on hand and happy to answer any enquiries.